A Semi-Detailed Account of a Few Things



I’ve been in London for nearly a month and I still haven’t written a proper post detailing, in even a small way, a single of the many adventures I’ve had thus far.  Shameful, really.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait just a little longer, dear readers.  But, to whet your appetite, here’s just a few things:

We’re off tomorrow to see the Churchill War Rooms and Westminster Abbey, which will prove a historical experience, no doubt.  This weekend, we’re off to the Flanders region of Belgium, with a pitstop in Bruges as well.  I hear there’s world-class chocolate and loads of medieval buildings.  More importantly, I hope to find where exactly in Bruges Martin McDonagh shot his film “In Bruges.”  

In terms of my academics, I’m currently developing both a full-length screenplay and a one-act play, both with varying degrees of progress.  But hey, that’s writing for you.  I couldn’t be happier with our classes.  To say our professors are phenomenal would be massively underselling them.  They’re just chock-full of real-world experience as both playwrights and screenwriters; they’re basically bursting with wisdom and practical information.

And I drink a lot of tea now.  Not ironically or anything, sincerely.  Every class has a tea break and I always have tea when we have tea break.  I am completely unashamed.  



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