Life in London




So I’ve come to the realization that, despite all intentions, I have completely forgotten to write about the first of my adventures in London.  Definitely dropped the ball there.  But no need to despair, this weekend I will construct a more or less comprehensive view on my first two weeks in the UK.  Expect many images and probably a few words to accompany them.  The picture above is a preview of what’s to come: Earlier this evening, we had the privilege of seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s staging of “Richard II,” starring David Tennant (pictured above) of “Doctor Who” fame, as Richard II.  A brilliant production in every way.  

The Barbican Theatre is also a marvel in and of itself.  Instead of the standard curtain across the stage at intermission, sections of the floor and ceiling ascend and descend, respectively, meeting in the middle, boxing in the stage behind it.  Like giant teeth, really.  Amazing.  

And “Richard II” is only one of the incredible adventures I’ve had so far.  I’ll highlight the rest soon, in just a day or so I hope.