My Crazy Dream


I have this crazy dream that I’ll make a career out of telling stories.

I know it’s crazy.  What are the chances of actually pulling that off?  Really?  If I were a statistics person, I’d not give it another thought.  I’m sure the success/failure ratio isn’t exactly ideal.  Good thing I’m not really a statistics person.

The more I imagine what my life will look like in five years, the more excited I get.  The road I’ve chosen certainly isn’t one chosen by most.  Even for those who do choose it, it’s anything but easy.  But, despite the difficulties I may face, I know for a fact that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I love waking up in the morning.  Not the act of waking up itself, that can be quite dreadful, but rather what follows: I’m in pursuit of my passion and living the dream.  I’ll make a career out of telling stories yet.